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Full Version: Golem bot safe without mouse mode ?
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(02-04-2016, 01:33 AM)AwaaX Wrote: [ -> ]I wanted to update the thread to say that i'm not on use of any bot because it's too dangerous for my ufe account, and i don't have any other account; so don't want it to be lost; i'm extremly careful about that Wink

I wasn't here since 04/2016 cause I stopped botting since golem wasn't safe (and was working only with the mouse mode), today I come back and I want to know if Golem bot is safe for use in my main account ?

Good bye Wink
it is safe right now but has many bugs
man, if I had the power, I would definitely post here and then lock the thread
I noticed we needed more clutter in the Off Topic section, so I brought this thread back.
Your welcome.

The Rule: The last person to post wins the game.

And since this is the first and only post, I win and the game is over. Thank you for not playing and have a good rest of your day