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Best bot on the market - Blahber - 05-12-2019

I hope nobody removes me from this forum for posting this but here goes it needs to be said!
Golem is a good bot with a lot of potential and it should! It has been around for years and seen a lot of money from a lot of people!
That being said, golem has more than its fair share of problems :/
I am an owner of multiple lifetime licenses to golem but still I choose to use vertex bot because it is so god damn perfect!
I’m sorry Ink I don’t mean to disrespect you by posting this here but I need you to see this!
The ONLY problem I have with vertex is their greed! 
No ability to purchase lifetime license anywhere! Expensive as fuck!
I only wish that you could take some notes and some ideas from vertex and implement them into golem. 
I will not purchase any more golem licenses until golems problems are hammered out! That being said I will be checking frequently! 
I hope you do not give up ink your bot was at one time the best and it can be again with hard work!
I will buy a lifetime membership for each member of my clan (30 people) if you can fix all issues and make golem fun as smoothly in ALL areas as vertex!