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    Thread: Darkorbit Client obsolete? Write here!
Post: RE: Darkorbit Client obsolete? Write here!

LICENSE SERVER VETO Reason: Client "57d86a3a381d271f6e34a3af8f6fa1dd" is obsolete. This is normal and happens every week. Just wait for the update from iNk.
we_watch Darkorbit 1,236 848,085 05-26-2016, 04:35 PM
    Thread: licence change
Post: licence change

id like to change my licence over from my banned account to my new account if possible
we_watch Darkorbit 1 1,616 12-17-2015, 04:13 PM
    Thread: keeping in contact
Post: keeping in contact

(KEEPING IN CONTACT WITH THE PLAYERS) seems that no one actually knows wats happening with the bot at the moment and all we have is a message saying from INK that he cant get on he should have ppl ...
we_watch Darkorbit 2 1,895 11-08-2015, 04:58 PM
    Thread: Update on the situation?
Post: RE: Update on the situation?

from what i gather ink will be bk today at 6 pm and then he will be doing the update which could be waiting anything from hour to 24 hours
we_watch Darkorbit 20 12,326 11-08-2015, 04:29 PM
    Thread: BANNED

i have only used ur bot since day one to play on that account i dont use bugs as i have had a account hackd before and learnt my lesson and there r no other bots out there that r trust worthy as much ...
we_watch Darkorbit 8 4,580 10-08-2015, 06:53 AM
    Thread: BANNED

ink its its me we_watch ive been banned on darkorbit from ur bot ummm i have a lifetime bot and dunno weather to start a new account and get u to transfer id over from one to another or wait just ...
we_watch Darkorbit 8 4,580 10-08-2015, 06:22 AM
  Smile Thread: golem bot error
Post: golem bot error

having problems with downloading the update atm INK NEWS?????
we_watch Darkorbit 4 2,909 08-31-2015, 12:55 PM