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tibet everest base camp trek
World-known mount Everest has a Tibetan name---“ Chomolungma”, which means “the Goddess of the universe”. It’s the main peak of the Himalayas and proved to be the highest peak on earth by the official record of 8,848m (29,029 feet). With snow and ice covering all year round, it appears like a silver pyramid from a distance. For centuries, it has been standing firmly and watching the world quietly.
People want to conquer Mt. Everest as it’s the nearest place to heaven. But due to the extreme adverse natural conditions, this dream had been stopped until May 29, 1953, the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay finally made the first successful attempt to the summit. Thousands of adventurers have been inspired and come to challenge themselves. Thus, Mt. Everest turns into a trekking or mountaineering destination for all adventure lovers.
Nowadays, a series of backup facilities have been built in the Everest Base Camp, which means this holy mountain becomes more and more touchable for normal travelers. People in a good body condition can easily go for a trip to Everest Base Camp, to make their dreams of reaching the sky come true. You can either have an Everest Base Camp trek or take a car to have a glimpse of this sacred mountain. If you go there, you will see an idyllic land with peaceful Sherpa villages, glacial mountains, and foothills. Are there any other reasons to say no to Everest?

tibet everest base camp trek

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