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Bot Problem

What does it mean?
Ink please reply, On my laptop i have this kind of problem and on desktop pc with windows10 the deadline problem!

PLEASE FIX IT, I don't want lose 15€ of license just because it doesn't work!
Your internet connection speed is too low!

I just uploaded v1.26.11 and activated the browser cache!
Try it with this version.
I can't guarantee it but if you login the second time, it should load faster
Ink, please help me.


when I start the bot as automatically log in it shows me: No account with this combination of username and password was found.

When I use manual log in I can access to my account but when I click on "start" it starts the proces but shows me in the log "Fatal error" and logs me out of my account

I have just downloaded the latest version from the page.

Please could you help me?


-----: I just downloaded and changed my password again and still have the same error
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