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Update v5.11 - v5.18
  • SF: avoid towers increase no-go radius
  • SF: log level modifications
  • PS: repair the ship before leaving the harbour (activate onlyStartWithFullHpts)
  • SF: add option to logout for 7 hours when recognizing Diminishing Returns
  • SF: goto safe spot before logging out (activate goto safespot when pausing)
  • NPC list encoding fix
  • Better output in case of a crash
  • Fast cookie login fixed
  • GG/BM bot: Won't stop repairing due to close NPCs when on normal map
  • DO: crash resolved
  • DO: immediately pressing reconnect button
  • Reselecting same target after shooting timeout: fix rare bug
  • Run 'Press x every t secs' only when bot is working
  • 'Press repair key after NPC kill' only activated when no valid targets around
  • Settings: splitting performance options into performance+misc
  • Adding debug print level to control how much log is generated
  • SF: stop repairing when starting the next attack
  • SF: fix movement problem when moving to chest/glitters
  • Won't try to repair if full
  • Fix rare problem with special character conversion
  • DO: login fix
  • DO: map login fixed and 5 days added to each license
  • PS: fix rare loading issue
  • SF: add support for NPCs with *very* high HP
  • SF: set custom logout duration against Diminishing Returns
  • SF: Add Name Changer (see Settings->Misc)
  • SF: fix island tower recognition
  • SF: better & faster start/stop repair
  • Better 'Moving to ship': will intercept ships and move in front if they are too fast
  • DO: add new NPCs to NPC list
  • SF: Improved attacking

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