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new bug in Golem
Hi, I discovered new bug in Golem. Sometimes, vary rare, ship swims to glitzies and stays very near them, but NOT collecting them. Log is: collecting box, but ship stays near glitzies and do nothing, until logout. It is anoying, becuse sometimes bot works good all night, sometimes only 1 or 2 hours and logout. Fix it please. Maby You should add option RELOGIN to sea map, after logout. It would be useful after dayly restart, too.
Same happend with ShipWrecks. Bot log: Moving to ship "ShipWreck" and... nothing happend, ship stay in place until logout. It happend vary rare but sometimes bot stucks until logout by system.
Hi, this problem appears worse than I thought:/ In "kill ShipWreck" option bot stucks lot more often. It happens when Wreck is in oposite side of small island. Bot log:Moving to ship "Wrak", bot klicks on island and ship not moving. Ship stays in a place till logout. When I move him manualy, everything is ok. But when I m not in front of computer, bot logout. Please fix it, cause bot working only 1 or 2 houres and stucksSad
I just uploaded a bugfix.
is it better now?
better, but not greatSmile When bot stucks, stays 15 min in a place then move and works again. Good that moving again, bad that wasting 15 min on nothing. But thx for trying, broSmile
Hi, problem still exist. I leave bot on night, and after 1 h logout, first time. Next time run for 2 h and logout.
I was watching for few hours how bot working. It is bigger problem than I thought, when Shipwreck is under island (small island on map, not guild island) and ship is above this island ( Wreck and ship are oposite themselves) BOT klick near Wreck and NOTHING happend. I tryied manualy klick in place near Wreck and NOTHING, I cant klick by my self! I must klick in other place first, when ship moves THEN I can klick near the Wreck. But Golem stays in a place and logoutSad
I think it is some BOT proof action by BP. Try observe BOT and U will see the problem. Can U do something with this?
Ok, is it just the problem with ShipWrecks?
Yes, with ShipWrecks, with glitzies is all ok.
Well, I can set a timeout for shipWrecks but that is just a workaround.
The bot needs to recognize Islands

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