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[Problem] GG Bot improvement Thread
(11-27-2015, 05:16 AM)Myles Wrote: completely wrong thread to post this on, this thread is about galaxy gates improvements

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Nothing that hasn't been said before really.

- Ability to parade NPCs around the perimiter of the map
- No fleeing from NPCs -- fight back or die trying
- Checking the corners for NPCs once the major battle is over

Can't think of much else, unless you can create "God Mode"...?
When the enemy praises you, you've really got something.
how abnotu just makign the gg bot work i think its abd thats on the hoem page its advertised as one of the features yet it has neer worked it wotn even jump into the gate thats wanted or shoot npc
as others said...
but this is really stupid suggestion... : - No fleeing from NPCs -- fight back or die trying
(01-08-2016, 09:05 AM)matej000 Wrote: as others said...
but this is really stupid suggestion... : - No fleeing from NPCs -- fight back or die trying

To explain...  I took my Goli into a GG. Might have been A or B... Anyway, the bot wasn't doing much of anything. So, when the hp got below the designated minimum it went to a corner, in the radiation zone, and popped. I caught it too late. I finished the GG manually.

With that explanation, I figure that on the GG, instead of running away when popping is eminent, to have the ship hold its ground and take a couple NPCs down. Kind of a Hail Mary play. But, if the bot was to drag the NPCs like it should it would eliminate that request from the start.
When the enemy praises you, you've really got something.
Use an aegis and have the bot use it's specials helps loads for me :p
the gg bot is very very bad .. idk how will it shot in zeta the boss but gl in making it :Smilehen will it be completely done ? dont u know how long will it takes
I think -- in general -- that this should be the minimum requirement before any GG gate is attempted, and therefore should be the template or starting place for a redesign of the GG bot for Golem:

- A minimum of a Goliath or perhaps a Vengeance. Not fully equipped, but figure LF-3s, BO-1s, and 8 Iris.
- Not everyone has an Aegis and level 16 LF-4s yet, so the above is an entry-level "big boy pants" ship.
- Most players would probably agree that Gamma is the most difficult of all the GGs, so also base testing off that map.

1)  Having the ability to drag the NPCs rather than circling seems to be the biggest asset on a GG bot, and is also Golem's biggest flaw. I know it's been said a hundred times before, but that only makes it more obvious that dragging is a better tactic than circling on a GG. I know this kind of programming is much more difficult with the new Kuiper Gate -- which is a bitch anyway -- so that one is probably better off to be done manually for the time being.

2)  For most gates, the ability to switch ammo for certain NPCs would be nice, especially when Streuners are one-shotters and Boss Lordakium take forever. Streuners don't require anything bigger than basic ammo, but for the bigger boss NPCs it would be nice to SAB them until their shields are gone and then switch to the expensive ammo to finish them off. Being able to switch rockets would be helpful as well. So, to be able to select from a list or menu which NPC gets what ammo/rockets until shields are gone, then select which ammo/rockets to finish them. The other benefit to this would be the human being able to walk away from the computer and letting the bot do the work for him or her, as intended. It would also throw the guys at BP off (if they're able to see such things). By switching ammo based on NPC, it would appear to anyone monitoring a player that the pilot is human versus AI.

Note:  This would also be helpful with daily botting. If a player was botting in, say, X-7, they could pre-select what ammo for Kristallins, then the bot would automatically switch for Kristallons and Bosses based on the player's settings. This might even include turning on/off the rocket launcher for certain NPCs as well so a player could kill in X-2 through X-8 without having to use pricier ammo in the lowers. And, as a sidebar, for daily use, to be able to switch to pvp ammo/rockets/formations when attacked by other players would be exceptional. I know it's also probably a lot to program, but a boy can dream.

The HUGE flaw with Golem on GGs currently is the bot getting stupid, taking damage, and fleeing into a corner where the radiation zone kills them, or just sitting there confused and giving up until popped. If point #1 (above) was working this wouldn't be a problem. But it's not so it is. *laughs* Even if a ship is set up with a suicide formation (speed over shields), a proper bot should be able to get through an entire GG -- even with LCB-10 ammo on Gamma's last wave. The old iBot was able to do it, so Golem should be able to with no effort at all. (Are they even around anymore? I lost my first Aegis FE using that bot way back when).

Just my two cent's worth...
When the enemy praises you, you've really got something.
any idea if ink is going to continue developing gg bot?
deffo not going to its been over a year sicne this bot was made and there has never been any improvment in the gg bot i dont mind if it never works but i think it should be taken off the home page as a function it works on seafight in scrolls just not gg on darkorbit

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