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[Problem] GG Bot improvement Thread
Hello, if somebody use bot for Kristallons from abg, can tell me please how do you configure it, and how wel it works?
This new NPC mode make GG bot unuseble, its just going back to all npcs
Here's some stuff I notice with the GG bot. Sometimes when an NPC dies, it won't select a new one and keeps flying away from the group of NPC's. I would have to manually fly towards the group so it can select one. Another thing is when they all get sent to the corner, it will go to the corner and sometimes not select an NPC to shoot, and other times it will get killed by radiation zone. That's all I really noticed. Love this bot!
I am experiencing issues with the bot sitting in the corner of the GG too far away to shoot the NPCs and move on to the next wave.
[Image: Bastion_Goliath_Design.png]
overall it works fine for me, but I found the following problems with the gg-bot:

- kuiper next lvl Gate is on the opposite side as usually so the bot just jumps to x-1
- kuiper gate has obsticals in the way(on map 3 I think), the bot stucks and dies
- generally after repairing the bot pretty much dives right back into the enemies, which is no problem in most lvls, but Kristallin/on in beta/gamma often dmg you so muchright away, that it has to repair again or (rarely) in the worst case even kills you

- I think a possibility to chose which gates the bot is supposed to do and/or rebuilt upon finishing would be nice
- generally a higher distance could help with the completion speed, since repairing seems to consume a lot of time.

- keeps too much distance in killing npcs in the cornor and therefore can't attack
- doesn't jump into next wave anymore eventhough the checkbox is ticked
- occasionally stops flying when an enemie is too far away

Golem bot works fine for me (sometimes click on new NPC instead of kill last one) but it is OK

GG bot is working very bad...For example

In wave,where is many NPC,bot click on NPC,but it doesnt shoot. I must manually press CTRL - It is spamming 11:41:17 [info] Attack '-=[ Saimon ]=- α16'.
                                                                                                                                                                                    11:41:17 [info] Attack '-=[ Saimon ]=- α16'.
                                                                                                                                                                                    11:41:17 [info] Select '-=[ Saimon ]=- α16'.
                                                                                                                                                                                    11:41:17 [info] Attack '-=[ Saimon ]=- α16'.
                                                                                                                                                                                    11:41:17 [info] Select '-=[ Saimon ]=- α16'.
                                                                                                                                                                                    11:41:17 [info] Attack '-=[ Saimon ]=- α16'.

In waves, which includes less NPC, the problem does not manifest itself so much,but killing NPC slower than it used to be in past.

For a 4 moths ago,bot had fewer problem,than now, So i decided to dont buy licence,until it will be fixed. I would like to support the development of the program,but still I'm not going to pay for something that works only half.

Looking forward to fix these issues <3
died 4 times in gates today because of a crash.
After the crash the ipapi process was unstable.. so obviously there was no chance i'd survive that long.
please check over it, thanks.Smile
Hello I've noticed few problems ,
first one is that bot doesn't create new gates after completing all parts ( I mean he just gather all parts and stay on base ),
tool allowing creating the gates waste EE , and uriidium for example two beta gates are full and it keeps clicking.
Kamikazee tool is quite usless it doesnt work at all .
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