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Banned Chance
Is the probability greater to become banned if I bot 24/7 ?
Not its not a probability you don´t get banned wen you bot 24/7
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no it is a probability if ur just boxing and not taking any breaks thats why you should break up ur botting either kill npcs collect pally and kill npc kill npcs and let ur pet box do alot of other things then just go boxing and make sure u take at least a 2-4hr log off u dont need to feen out on botting sh**s not going anywhere
Im trying to bot as much as i can. Without the Updates i would bot 24/7. Now i am botting like 18-20 hours a day. I also got reported for botting a lot of time (with Video etc.) but nothing happened so far^^
I'm botting 24/7 since one month, but seems there was no ban wave during this last month.
This bot is the safest you'll find. As always, theres never a 100% chance to not get banned, but id say its close to 99.9%.
Ive been told that I was reported with videos of me botting, but Bigpoint does NOT ban because you get reported by other players. They only ban you if you get caught by their system. So its pretty safe to bot 24/7. Just don't box all the time or you won't make any Uri out of them!
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(10-28-2015, 08:28 PM)_kamel_ Wrote: I'm botting 24/7 since one month, but seems there was no ban wave during this last month. there was a ban wave this month
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Cool Smile , thank you for the information
I Love you Golem Ban wave on 2 accounts 24/7 not get banned Big Grin Big Grin
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pixel botters and macro bots suffered in that 77 banned
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