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Hey guys,

did the people got banned because of the time they bottet? (For example i had 3000 hours in 6 months and that is very obvious)
Or did they got banned because of a security issue or something like that?
I wanna start a new account and i want to bot "normal" with different settings and not that long.
Because of security issue Wink
I'm pretty sure that bot 5/5 will give you the same percent of ban risk than the one who do 24/7 Wink
so now i can bot 24/7 again? xD
You should be as safe as you can be using a bot at this time yes.

If you create a new account for botting DO NOT power bot it for a long time in first few weeks as BP keep closer eyes on new accs as oppose to old ones
[Image: hSsNe.jpg][Image: BxORf.png]
i have 2916 hours in 6 months and no bann

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