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Hola quisera saber como se puede configurar el bot para las puertas galacticas lo intente configurar pero no pude y perdi una vida agradeceria la ayuda gracias ! Smile Smile Smile
ok es muy facil la verdad ya te paso las confis
How can i do Galaxy Gate's with the bot?
First of all, there is a feature called Galaxy Gate bot. What does it exactly do?
1: Golem will move away from the alien's with specified npc distance.
2: Golem can shoot the aliens in GG while dragging them.
3: Golem can not jump to the next wave.
Galaxy Gate bot has only 2 settings to worry about.

1: Settings -> Advanced -> Shoot in GG [If this option is enabled,golem will shoot in the galaxy gate.]
2: Settings -> NPC Killer -> NPC Distance [This means, how much distance will golem {Your ship} stay away from the nearest Alien. ]

How to start the galaxy gate bot?
When you are in the galaxy gate.
1: Go to Golem -> Bot -> Start Galaxy Gate bot.
2: The ship will start to move away from the aliens.
3: If Auto shoot in GG is enabled, golem will shoot and run from the aliens.
4: Recomended NPC distance for Kristallons, 570.
5: Bot can do every galaxy gate.

IF You experience any problems with the Auto shoot in GG feature. You can simple use the awesome autolock "lock nearest npc via F2" and Enable "Auto attack after lock" in the war settings right side of the golem window.
This means, when you press F2 golem will autolock the nearest alien and shoot it automaticly.

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