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In what Order should i get FE?
Hey guys,

what should i buy first? Should i get full lf3 and bo2 first? Should i get all iris first? (im on int1 so i cant get them per auction)
Or do you have any other tips?
Get Vengance/Spearhead, speed generators and collect boxes till LF4 chance day. Collect green treasures then and you'll get LF4, LF3, BO2 from them Smile Mean while you can grab pilot bio, and iris drones. If you want to start making gates then make sure you have PET and turn it on at least on reward, you want to level it up fast. <- pilot bio for boxing
I recommend you getting spearhead full speed and just collect bonus boxes on battle maps. Save up some uridium and when the Green bootys are on 30% sale, you make sure you get 25% discount and 5% from premium in addition. You will only pay around 675 uri for one BK and then you should collect them on Zeus day (Not on lf-4), btw. dont spend one single uridium for your apis. Also click all your EE you get only in Zetas, and try to do them on Double reward Weekend. If you buy double box reward you will collect everything at the half of the time.
are you sure that i should go boxing?
I dont like boxes at all cause it is not really contant (for me)
on my last account i botted x-8 Streuner
Yes you should box your account a little bit up Wink

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