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PirateStorm Client obsolete? Write here!
Will this always be so? It works for 1 day and then goes to work here
do somebody with this fucking golemel something that can not be used properly when we've made money ,v2.40.3-8 worked nicely for this someone got in v2.40.3-9 just bounce it back back to go on the map do not do anything else
@amper: This happens when the game client has had a big change and is no reason to get annoyed.
Just tell it here and the update will come as soon as possible.

Client updated now
Bot is not working ... is basically doing nothing .

is connecting , saying the license expire never , Initialized true

but then is nothing working , killing NPC, collecting boxes, doesnt matter what i select, the ship is doing nothing .
@andrewy I'll check that now
Please try again now, it should work
Thank you , was working fine yesterday/last night , but after the server was restarted is not working anymore Sad
So I assume this is the end of the bot ? Did they patched the game and bot cant connect to the server anymore ? Thank you
Any news regarding this ? I understand maybe you are in holiday or you are busy with different projects, as well maybe the bot cant connect anymore to the server because of the new update . It's ok even is not working anymore but i would really appreciate if you tell us what is going on . Thank you .
Hey andrewy, I wasn't online during the weekend.
Don't worry the bot won't die that easily. It's just a client update which happens every once in a while.

I just tried it with the newest version and couldn't find any issues with the bot.
On which gameserver are you playing?

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