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PirateStorm Client obsolete? Write here!
Hi Ink ! Thank you for your replay . I dont know what is going on ... 2 days didnt worked , but last night worked perfectly . Its strange Smile i would try it again tonight .
I installed on a different pc and the bot is not working , the ship is not moving at all and the toolbar with statistics doesnt update even i kill manually some npcs or collect boxes, what can be the problem ? Thanks
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(10-05-2016, 02:08 PM)iNk Wrote: Zde napište, pokud potřebuje klient aktualizaci.

5. října 2016: aktualizováno

Připojení licenčního serveru je poškozeno!
License server connection corrupted!

Something disturbs the Golem. Maybe an Antivirus or a Debugger or insufficient permissions. Try to run the bot as Admin and temporarily disable your Antivirus software.
Hi Ink. Pirate storm bot is not working. Write "Coudn't load plugin".
hello can i ask why i bought the license and bot didnt want to work
El bot se queda todo el rato en la pantalla de carga y no avanza de ahi arreglado por favor

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