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[Problem] Bot is not flying my ship around to bot
The bot is working but producing much less than normal today from boxes. Once i relog to reset memory and ram the bot would not start. The program would start and the game page would load but the bot worker would not start and fly or collect. instead it would just sit there. I reinstalled program, start as admin, many other things. finally it started to work after i started the bot from a different map. Then it finally started the worker and flew to the correct map but instead of flying and collecting it parked at coordinates 15/100 and just chilled until I once again restarted the program.  It is currently working but I do not really know what has been happening or how to stop it in the future.  does anyone have any tips for me?
I think you can search for this problem online in google search bar. I am sure over there you will find your problem solution. If you still can't find your post then you can search it website. I am sure over there you will surely find your problem solution. Thanks for your time.

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