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Update v4.0
Golem Version 4 - New Golem upgrade is now public!
You need to create an additional folder for that version, since nearly all files are different.

In the Advanced settings, you'll see the following additions: Zoom, Low resource usage mode and NoGUI mode
  • Low resource usage mode: Bot will use much less CPU. Especially useful for VPS. You won't be able to control your ship anymore though.
  • NoGUI mode: No user interface, just a command window with the log. In the data folder, you see that two files are being updated every second: Golem.shot.png and Golem.stats.txt
    --> Activate it by setting "NoGUI" and "osr" to true in the Golem.ini file
  • Zoom: You'll be able to zoom out so much that AutoLock will lock anything
Version 3 will still stay online for a bit but will soon stop functioning.

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