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Darkorbit Client obsolete? Write here!
[error] SRVERR2 - Client "7f82fa9d4615160a4bebe00f6231d881" for gameserver gb1 is obsolete

client id 31010761

many thanks
00:25:56 [error] SRVERR2 - Client "7012280ce8f54fdc90b0a1822788bbf7" for gameserver de4 is obsolete.<br>
<h2>Just wait for the update from iNk.</h2>

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SRVERR2 - Client "abb227df0b3fa4e7be7df9a736a2ef4e" für gameserver 7

und danke für einen guten Job von dir  Wink
the game darkorbit in portal bigpoint int7 is obsolete ID: 163087203 , all normal loaded and the ship is no move , why?
Reason: SRVERR2 - Client "5e530e8c21a37fec44d80c1727747517" for gameserver int7 is obsolete.
This is normal and happens all the time. darkorbit bigpoint
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