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[Problem] GG bot problem
When i choose GG bot mode, bot is spamming in console ´´select XXX´´ and ´´attack XXX´´  over and over but it cannot start shooting.  This problem started 3-4 weeks ago. I hoped than It will be fixed in next updates,but still nothing...Only last update solve problem with jumping to the next wave.

I am angry with it,because i pay again and again for something, what works only in half. Now i decided to do not hope,and start writing topic on forum.

I tried to switch 2D/3D, different setting, update Java or Flash player....I dont know,what can i do else...

One thing,that it works, is precise shooting range on NPC. 

Anyone who,what can i do? Thanks

[Image: asdsadsdd.png]

image upload
I am having the same issue like yours.

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