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[Problem] golem does not work
golem temizlemek  Angry
License server connection corrupted!

Something disturbs the Golem. Maybe an Antivirus or a Debugger or insufficient permissions. Try to run the bot as Admin and temporarily disable your Antivirus software.

user_id: 15973
гк дело
golem don't work!
14:43:43 [warning] Process 'ppapi' unstable.
14:43:43 [error] Your data\cache directory needs to be cleaned. Please remove the cache folder and restart your bot.

i deleted the cache folder but the error remains
what to do??
Today it's working even if the error is maintained. I wonder if iNk did something or it's from my machine...
Can you help me please?
My Golem doesn't work and my license is vitalice.
I can not configure.

Please is there a tutorial that explains how to set up Golem for laymen?
I bought the License and until today I couldn't enjoy anything,
I paid 70.00 Euros per lifetime license. How I do?
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