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Golem has never started :(
I tried to test the 24 hour version but it always tells me: "Couldn't load plug-in."
I have tried in every compability mode but it still didnt work.

If you could make it work for me too i would probably instantly buy the endless licence :3
I even tried reinstalling flashplayer, its adobe flash player 18 just as it was before but it still wont work :/
Make an exception for golem in your firewall
i made an exception but it didnt work, i turned off my firewall and it still didnt work, is there any specific port i have to open for golem? or do i have to change my router settings somehow?

#EDIT: it cannot be a problem with my router, i tried to start the bot with a hotspot from my mobile phone but it still didnt work, i have no clue how to fix it..
please use this thread:


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