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[Problem] hello, I have a problem with golem
hello, I have a problem with my golem , doesn't collect the most scrolls, and there's no boat where there could be a mistake?

18:25:16 [info] v4.0.27.1: Beware of scammer sites! Only buy licenses from
18:25:16 [info] v4.0.27.1: DO GG-bot: will recognize GG-Gates when they get placed on the map while the bot is running
18:26:49 [info] Requesting Login ...
18:26:49 [info] Login in process ...
18:26:49 [info] Loading
18:26:53 [warning] Process 'ppapi' unstable.
18:26:53 [error] Your data\cache directory needs to be cleaned. Please remove the cache folder and restart your bot.
18:26:54 [info] Login with user data...
18:26:58 [info] Successfully logged in (int12)
18:26:58 [info] Loading
18:26:58 [warning] Couldn't get SID from Cookies (__bpid=5d67f6bcrLPgsEuQcal3NFeRf0bSwLxB; _ga=GA1.2.1825023852.1567094459; _gid=GA1.2.1551984822.1567094459; sfrfsid=cf46c41a7635dc2901bd835701473ae6; bptid=d4ccb7fb7b6a72522b6e6edda536803f; eventstream_capdone=1; tmp_browser_os=Chrome&70.0.3538.99&Windows&7; __bpid=5d67f6bcrLPgsEuQcal3NFeRf0bSwLxB; _dc_gtm_UA-17690446-1=1; RTVTmain=main8eb8509bd6b9a0433c8489cdcccf)
18:27:03 [info] Your userID: 2465
18:27:03 [info] Your license expires: never
18:27:04 [info] Map page loaded
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