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[Problem] seafight bot
I have not been able to log in with golem bot for a week now. I keep getting this message.

19:47:30 [warning] Couldn't get SID from Cookies (_ga=GA1.2.1917639558.1554645596; bptid=a6b816ddbee6b6a75ec7b0469237f026; eventstream_capdone=1; tmp_browser_os=Chrome&70.0.3538.99&Windows&7; __bpid=5caa0256xu0t1lHHXvsabi826oyadRbB; __bpid=5caa0256xu0t1lHHXvsabi826oyadRbB; _gid=GA1.2.638653256.1568846844; _dc_gtm_UA-17690446-1=1; sfrfsid=lpprpnsu1bm5arbq6riu08fje1; _gat_UA-17690446-1=1; RTVTmain=main1eb0b357ba76cfa0390bfd6c9cc3)

I figure it has something to do with google and the flash player ??
Any solutions?
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